Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...and we had visitors

We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our amazing visitors this winter!! From pretty much January until the middle of March we have had very few days without having visitors here. Here are a few pictures of Danny & Lori's visit and Rodney & Rochelle....

Ellie with her Uncle Ben

The part of the family that came along for the visit....twas so good to see them all again.

Aidan LOVED splashing in the cool water!!!

Took a few pics of sweet, little Ellie

All us Girls :)

We stopped to visit Ms. Velma (a lady who comes to our church)...the kiddos had fun playing with all her toys.

Ellie with two little friends she made at the park. She was hilarious....everyone that passed by our house was greeted by her. Not sure if there is a person out there that she wouldn't make friends with.

And the next set of visitors...we had Ben's parents and a work crew in there too but for some dumb reason I did not get any pictures of that. :(

posing in front of the "natural water slide".....posing was as close as we got this time ;)

Rochelle relaxing on a very hard comfy looking rock..
 And now it is time for a little Monkey Business
               we took Rodney and Rochelle to Bellmont Estates, a cocoa bean plantation/ small zoo.. 
                       I get such a kick out of these monkeys. They act so human sometimes it is almost scary!!!Vernessa, our guide, was kind enough to get one of the baby monkeys out to climb all over us. Note: when the monkey is climbing on you, do not attempt to hold it, monkey will bite without reserve. (I tried it)

up the skirt he goes

trying to take the monkey for a walk...monkey opted for a ride instead

"whew!! all that climbing plumb tuckered me out."
           And now for a few updated family photos.... :) No worries, I did not give birth to a monkey..(not yet anyways)

yes, that would be my ear & no you cannot add that to your collection of stolen watches, rings, necklaces, etc

All was going well...until monkey decided to take a dump. He was considerate enough to do it on the ground right between Rodney & Rochelle & kind enough to get a minimal amount on Rodneys pants in the wiping process. Thus the end of family photos...monkey went back in pen.

And so we visited the older monkeys...the ones that don't get out as much.

A sweet treat....

A tender kiss....

And now it is down to business....a job this big takes two (i don't know that they found any fleas, lice, or such like in Rodney's hair) :)

Mr. Screechy Pants

Screechy pants getting a neck massage

And then we headed to the old "Pearl's Airport" ....to test how fast the scooters go & enjoy a picnic lunch

Posing in front of Latant Point
 Hot & Sunburned? We've got the perfect cure....ever try unthawing a pack of frozen hamburger??? Ah...sweet relief!!!

Rodney tinkering...this is what he did with every spare moment

And one last picture of our last set of visitors for awhile!!!!

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