Wednesday, April 13, 2011

..Of Octopus, Kites, & Palet Shelves

Well, hello to you all from another rainy day in Grenada. I am still wondering where dry season is but don't mind the rain as long as I have something to keep me entertained in the house. Lately I have had so many projects that I should be working on & so I have been loving this rainy weather lately!!!

Well, my husband is becoming quite the master at whatever task I put him to. :) Whether that means making me all kinds of wonderful things out of old pallets, turning closets into changing tables, & his newest venture....spear fishing!!!!! Last week he came home with this beauty!!! Well, if you can call a slimy octopus beautiful (otherwise known as calamari)!!! So, know we have to learn how to fix this baby up to make it edible....anyone want to come and be a guinea pig?? Here she is in all her glory......

Anyway, on to other things.....with April comes breezes....with breezes comes kites....with kites comes the constant sound of "singing"... :) Friday was the last day of trimester for the schools here in Grenada, leading into a two week vacation & so Friday was kite day. The students and teachers all headed out to St. David's point. The students with their kites & the teachers with their scissors & an extra bit of patience. A large part of their job is untangling string out of briars & hoisting kites into the heavy breeze. Here are just a few pics of that day.........

Jody with two of her cutesy little kindergartners.

Brandon flying his kite

Jaheem and his spiderman kite. I do not think that spiderman ever did get very high

Mr. Moses getting ready to hoist Nigel's "American" kite

...And thar' she blows....

And Ben even got in on the fun. ;)
That is one way to keep Celina quiet :)

Nigel flying his kite

And now for the pallet shelf. Well, I've mentioned before my love for old pallets cuz they are free & they make some pretty great signs, shelves, etc. And so this is my latest pallet makeover....

I had seen something similar awhile back & I decided that I should prolly really have one like it. So I showed my hubby a picture and he got to work cutting & hammering. I then did two coats of white wash (white paint mixed with a good deal of water). I still wanted the wood to kinda come through so I didn't want the paint too heavy. I then added a bit of stain to bring out the darker areas and then hit it lightly with the sander. Traced the reference to one of my favorite verses on the front and just colored it in with pencil.....I was just too lazy to get the paintbrushes out.....and viola...done.  Then I just took a few items I had sitting around here and there and added them to my shelf....I do believe the driftwood has to go though.

a closeup for whatever it's worth

This was another rainy day project....we have been having a lot of them lately. Took an empty can of powedered juice mix that I had been saving for a day when inspiratin struck. Modpodged some paper on, followed by some sheet music and couple fabric flowers and you have yourself a vase or whatever you want it to be. I just stuck a plastic cup in to hold the water, since the sides are cardboard & added some Carribean goodness.

Well, that is all for today.... I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!