Thursday, July 7, 2011


Ever since we have arrived back in Grenada after a two week trip to the states (which by the way, was WAY too short), I have been busy getting the nursery ready for little, miss ?. I still have a few little touches I want to add here and there, but the bulk of the work has been done and now we are eagerly anticipating filling it with a sweet, little newborn girl.  We are certainly hoping that the Doc was correct in his determining that it is indeed a girl cuz we brought a boat load of girl clothes, etc. back from the states. If it is a boy, all I can say is, he will either have to wear dresses or opt for the diaper only look, which wouldn't be entirely bad for our HOT climate. Anyway, because we had very limited space in which to make a nursery we finally opted to put it in the back room with Ben's desk/office & because we had no room for a changing table, we decided to take the doors off of the closet and Ben added two shelves & viola........ I do believe it will all work out just dandy. && here are a few pics....

This is a view of the middle half of the closet.....beings the office is so small and my camera lens so large, I couldn't get the greatest pics....but this is the changing area as well as my IKEA basket storage area. The lamp is also from IKEA, as well as the basket that the blankie bear is sitting on. Awesome store!!!!!!!! The top half of the closet, as you can see has a clothes rod, on which I hung all the cutsie, little dress, & the bottom half is where we store some large, ugly totes & so I used some of my excess curtain fabric (also from IKEA) and made little curtains to cover the ugliness.
 ...and the long view....

This shelf is still a work in progress... The frame with the yellowed flower picture was a garage sale find. I painted it white, and although I kinda do like the picture, I don't think it goes well with the white frame & so once the little lady arrives I am hoping to put a picture of her in there. I am also hanging a 4x6 picture frame above that one as soon as I can get some pics to put in it. The corkboard I got at a yard sale and spray paintd the edges white and covered the cork with some fabric I had laying around....hoping to add more to that as inspiration strikes. The round frame is actually an old clock that gave up the I just put some fabric in there as well. The candles are just stuck in old salsa jars with twine wrapped around them (well, the one still needs some twine on it, but that is in the plans). And that lovely doily banner was made by my sis-in-law, Lori for my baby shower & she kindly allowed me to bring it back to Grenada to aid in the decorating.

I picked up the nest at Michael's and the little bird was part of the cake topper for my baby shower cake. He was an aqua shade of blue, so I gave him a coat of white paint to neutralize him just a tad.

And aren't these shoes just darling?  My sis-in-law picked them up at Goodwill for me & I simply can't wait to put some cute little feet into those equally cute shoes.

And the rather bare-looking corkboard...sporting only my 20 week ultrasound picture.
This old rocker sits regally in the corner of the other side of the room. ;) She got a little makeover today with some new fabric to cover up the ugly old cushions that she previously sported. Once was done with extra curtain fabric. Trust me those were some large curtains. They certainly do not look like perfection in any way and so I threw a blanket over the back and a pillow on the seat to cover it up a little. I still think it looks alot better than it did before. The pillow will probably get a makeover too with some of that sweet fabric Lori used for the lovely flag banner that now hangs at the windows.
 Here you see the other corner of the room...the changing table/closet is on the right side of this pic.  Here you can kind of see the flag banners & the pack n play, which will serve as baby's crib until baby outgrows it I guess. I also made a few tissue paper pom poms to hang in the corner. ;)
  Now I know this is a terrible picture because of the blow out light outside, but at least you can see the banner and the curtains. Now I really do not like the idea of the crib being right in front of the window but it seems like my only option with the limited space I we shall see if it works.

 .......and a close up of that it!!!!

The darling little dresses all hung in the closet with care.....waiting for that big day when they can actually be worn. :)

and for those of you who care & those of you who don' is my 33 week preggo pic. Starting to feel a little like I am busting at the seams. But I really cannot complain at all...things have been going well, but I can tell that my enery level, which was holding up so well, up until this point is starting to lack a little. Sure feels like I have one very active baby in there. She was doing so well with being calm at nights but just in the past week, I do believe she started doing her gymnastics at night when I am trying to sleep. :) But I guess maybe this is preparing me for those sleepless nights that are coming very soon.  Until next time~ Jess