Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Grenadian Sunshine

I thought I should post a few more pics of some the warmth and sunshine in Grenada for all you northerners up there in the frozen tundra....not to rub it in or anything. I mean, that would just be plain down uncalled for. :) I honestly had no idea how much I enjoyed snow until I could no longer enjoy it...I guess that is why they say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But all this wintry mix stuff I have been hearing about doesn't really tempt me a whole lot. I guess I enjoy 80 degree weather more than I realize. I just thought I would share a mod podge of pics from some of our recent happenings.....
This would be Trixie, the cute little mutt  poodle (that is what the Grenadians call any dog that is kinda cute with longer hair) that resides with us. We barely made it two months without an animal of some kind in our lives. We rescued her from a life of misery & she is forever grateful!! When we got her she was less than desirable looking....short, matted hair.....or in some places no hair at all (the results of a dog fight)...stinky....anyway Ben saw some potental in her and thus she has been happily living with us ever since. Oh and just a sidenote, she does have two is just that her owners really needed to give the poor girl a trim. And just an date she has been trimmed and both eyes are know visible. Oh and since that Ben has bought sixteen little chicks (layers) that we are hoping to get many eggs from.  Before we know it, I am sure that we will have quite the little McDonald Farm here. Of course we already kinda do if you want to count the lizards, stray neighborhood dogs, stray neighborhood goats, chickens etc that find their way to our house. But the flea infested dogs are NOT welcome here and neither are the stinky billy goats that poop under my house, pull cloths off my washline, & sleep beside my washing machine.  We have tried to tell our drunk neighborman that he is NOT allowed to tie his goat under our house, but sometimes in his druken stupor he forgets and well, lets just say the goat usually gets a little help untying himself from his post. But don't worry, he never wanders too far away. Well enough about the animals......

Me and Em.....gotta love having friends that travel the miles to visit us... Spent an evening at Westerhall point enjoying the waves, wind, & water. Trust me when that breeze picks up a sweater is a must. You have no idea how cold it gets when it is only in the 80s and a cool breeze wind is blowing. :)

and the guys...Travis & Ben

Just us...well, actually not "just us" can't tell yet, but Jr. is tucked safely away in there too. :)

 Just a few closeups of some of our vegetation around here.... :) Love my 50mm lens!!!!!!!

The rest of these pics are courtesy of Emily and her camera. I was totally bumming off of her and just downloaded all her pics cuz I was too lazy to carry my camera around all week. Shame on me...I know.

 Ever feel like you have a monkey on your back?? Anyone think that smile looks just a little forced? ha...well, pretty sure I would be forcing a smile too if I had him on my shoulders.

And one last picture to hopefully warm you all up!!!!!!!! I have a ton more of Emily's pics documenting their visit & just maybe...hopefully i will be inspired to post them on here..until then!